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Primed and Ready January 20, 2011

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Well, the one week cleanse is finished and I can’t say that I feel any different– I did lose about 3 pounds so I guess that’s all good. I was very skeptical of doing a cleanse at all but felt that at this point in my recurring illnesses, it couldn’t hurt. I chose to go a more natural approach by limiting my food intake and choices and using a non-stimulant raw detox formula. So, for the last week, I followed a mostly vegan diet with lots of raw, green vegetables, drank about a gallon of water a day, walked 30 minutes a day, and took the prescribed powders and pills as directed by product I purchased. The worst part of all of it was the nightly powdered drink mix that was added to a glass of water… it was so awful tasting that I had to plug my nose to keep from retching. I guess all natural doesn’t mean great tasting.

With a week of cleansing behind me, I now turn my focus to my everyday diet and workout routine. For my diet, I am following the advice of Robert O. Young from his book the pH Miracle Diet and transitioning myself into a full-time, alkaline-based diet. I like that he says it took his family over 2 years to transition away from junk food, and that the kids are still in transition. I get too caught up in expecting results immediately and want to be like or look like or eat like those who have already made the transition or made the change or made the sacrifice. I forget that they, too, once started at square one and had their own struggles along the way. It’s the same thing that Tony Horton says about P90X participants (although I wonder how much is true). Yes, I’m doing P90X— that’s my workout routine. It seems everyone is doing it or has tried it, but I have to honestly say that I really like it. I have been using it on again, off again for the last two years but never made the full “90 day” committment— just worked out and did whichever DVD felt interesting at the time. My inspiration is the older woman in one of the arm workouts and the man with a prosthetic; if they can do it, I can do it. I just this morning heard Tony say, “…he wasn’t able to do this the first day or on day 5 or day 20, but over time, he got to where he is.” And isn’t that really true of both diets and workouts? I didn’t put on the weight I’ve gained in one day or 5 days or 20 days, but over many months of poor choices and inactivity and it’s not going to all come off in a week or even a month. To be “fit” is to be consciously aware of what goes in my mouth and how long my butt sits on the couch… it’s not a time-thing, but a change in attitude-thing.

God grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, courage (strength) to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.