Strength through Hebrews 12

Running the Race to Peace

Spirit Training January 14, 2011

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The body is being cleansed, the mind is being challenged, now it is time to strengthen my spirit… and right now, I am definitely weak of spirit. 

I consider myself a Christian; I believe that Christ died for my sins to give me life and I can feel God’s power in my life when I am receptive to it– notice I said, “when.” For the last year or two, I have not been receptive nor have I cared to do much about it, but, oh, how I miss the Lord’s presence in my life. It’s very much a split brain personality: half of me cries out to God and wants Him daily in my life, wants to experience His greatness; and the other half could care less and thinks it’s all a waste of energy. I am constantly fighting with myself each weekend with the God-loving half begging to go to Saturday night service and the God-complacent half encouraging me to pour another glass of wine and watch TV– obviously you can guess which side wins (I could repane all the windows in my house with the recycled glass from the bottles I’ve consumed). But enough of my dueling duality! It is not enough to strengthen my “feeble arms and weak knees,” I must also “make every effort to live in peace…and be holy.”


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