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My Brain Age is What? January 13, 2011

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I have a secret… I love to spend my “quiet time” in the bathroom with my Nintendo DS. I have this game called Brain Age that allows me to solve Sudoku puzzles, train my brain through math or reading, or test to see what is my brain’s age. I rarely use the test option because, well, it’s a test and who wants to use their DS for testing? Not me, I want to play games. Well, with the new year and the new me and all that stuff, I figured I might as well clean out the cobwebs from my grey matter and see how I’m doing… BIG mistake! According to the floating Asian head guy, I am about 20 years older than my actual age— OUCH! I mean, I knew I felt stupider lately (I mean, more stupid) but 20 years so? Ok, brain… you are now officially part of the strengthening regime. I guess hours of reality shows and infomercials really do have an effect on the brain— I am so not telling my step-sons that, they’ll never let me live it down!


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